Business Automation = Business Growth

Why should business owners Automate their businesses !!!

Automation is the bedrock for a successful business. We are living in a digital world and to grow the business it is imperative to adopt automation of various operational tasks. Both small-scale, as well as large-scale businesses, need automation. It can improve the rate at which the customers are approaching the company. Thus, digital business transformation is a must for all businesses which want to grow.

Automation helps you cut down unnecessary workload by streamlining your processes and letting cloud-based solutions do the menial work as well as convert big time-consuming tasks into simple tasks so that your employees can be used optimally. One of the schools of thought of automation is letting you sort out all the tasks and processes that are repeated in nature which can be better performed by advanced automation solutions. The World is moving towards RPA (Robotic Process Automation) in a fast phased manner.

This way they are accomplished faster plus they are also thoroughly done. This means, your employees will have more time to devote to tasks and processes that require human touch such as talking to customers or potential prospects, writing that piece of article for your marketing purposes, Putting more thought processes on improving market growth, Innovation in product creation, etc. In short, your employees’ time is spent on valuable work leading to the growth of the business.

What are the benefits of Automating a business !!!

Automation is created to remove workflow clutter for you and your employees to work and perform more efficiently. It is like giving your team of 10 the power of 500 or more to accomplish tasks in one sitting.

  1. Your time can be optimally spent in (other) critical areas
  2. You can (and Must) focus on the subjects of
  • growth
  • projection
  • customer acquisition
  • brainstorming failures and successes…something that automation simply cannot do.


Realize the human potential, value of creativity, and sounding off ideas from one another.

One can start with automating business accounting functions and backend tasks as this forms a major part of business operations.

Why Automating business accounting functions is so important !!!

Although the accounting department is one of the most important areas of a business, it can also be the most confusing. The process of measuring and analyzing business finances can be time-consuming and very expensive. In fact, accounting is one of the most hated tasks among business owners.

Smaller businesses can conserve more extra money by implementing cloud-based financial accounting systems.

The benefits of automated accounting for a Business are:

Benefit#1: Save you plenty of time without making a single error.

Benefit#2: Cloud ensures a high degree of protection of your data.

Benefit#3: The best part is that it allows you to access and manage your accounts anywhere anytime.

Benefit#4: An automated accounting software automates the calculation part and helps you work smarter and faster.

Benefit#5: It offers continuous data backup and restoration.

Hence, if you want to automate your accounting process, you need to go for the best cloud-based accounting software. This will help you focus on the core processes and make your business grow by leaps and bounds.

At Ushma we help business owners to identify the core services that require automation and implement Zoho Finance Plus modules to do the same. Ushma’s 3 step approach below forms the basis of our free consultation:

Understanding: Understanding the backend operations in depth and suggest suitable Cloud-based accounting software modules suitable to your needs. Every business is different and therefore we make sure you select only what you need.

Implementation: Design the roadmap to implement selected Cloud-based Business Accounting modules and get started with them. Take care of team training as well to better equip them with hands-on knowledge.

Maintenance: Extend post-implementation support till a business entity exists. Take care of ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and technical support.

As a trusted partner of Zoho, Ushma gives world-class experience in implementing cloud-based Business accounting modules like Online GST Filing, Order Processing, Inventory & WareHouse Systems, Payment integrations, Compliance Reports, Expense Management, Cloud  Business accounting, eCommerce store,  etc.

To give the latest experience to business owners in Zoho Invoice – a powerful GST compliant Cloud-based Invoicing solution is available for complimentary. It works on Desktop & Mobile and contains a lot of powerful features.

Grab your free implementation of Zoho Invoice by signing up here:

Be ready to embrace the digital future with USHMA-Rise & Shine

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